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On NPR: Hoop Dreams Come True For South Sudanese Wheelchair Player
shuran huang
Oct 28, 2019
Location: Washington D.C.
Malat Lueth Wei, 25, was born in South Sudan and diagnosed with polio at age 3. During the civil wars in South Sudan, his family ended up at a refugee camp in Ethiopia. When Wei was 12, his family moved to Houston.

He had a tough time adjusting in the United States. People made fun of him but a more accepting group introduced him to the basketball that would change his life. Eventually, his friend began looking into local wheelchair basketball facilities.

In 2012, the International Committee of the Red Cross hired him to run wheelchair basketball camps in areas where either violence or lack of proper medical care means that a disproportionate number of people are living with a disability. The sport has taken him all over the world. Wei has shot hoops at basketball arenas across the United States, which makes him one of the country's best players. Wei was also recently featured in the short documentary No Limits about bringing the sport to South Sudan.

Thanks Ben for the assignment for NPR.

 Hoop Dreams Come True For South Sudanese Wheelchair Player
Malat Lueth Wei, a top wheelchair basketball player who has helped introduce the sport to his homeland, is featured in a new short documentary.

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